Today in the city Peru 20.07.2017
California Assembly leader Anthony Rendon's decision to shelve single-payer healthcare angers progressive activists

Progressive activists, led by the fiery California nurses union, eviscerated Speaker Anthony Rendon for his decision to hold a single-payer healthcare bill.

Czech Power Plant Company Had Women Compete in a Bikini Contest to Get Hired as Interns

A Czech power plant company had potential interns compete in a bikini contest on Facebook for a position.

11 Photos Capture The Life & Death Of A Trans Woman In Peru

From the moment she met Tamara, a 27-year-old trans woman, photographer Danielle Villasana was drawn to her as a subject and as a friend. "Tamara was a person who wanted more for herself," Villasana t...

La La Anthony Tells Us Who She Really Trusts On The Power Set

Warning: This post contains spoilers for season 4 of Power.As of June 25, Power is back and we finally know what happened to LaKeisha. Here comes the spoiler: She’s alive! We hadn’t seen La La Anthony...

On the surface, single payer looks great. In the medical trenches, it's a lot more complicated.

To the editor: Economist Robert Pollin makes bold claims to support the single-payer Healthy California Act. He has calculated the estimated cost based on assumptions of replacing health insurance wit...

How Will the Courts Rule on the Clean Power Plan? Does it Matter?

Time is running out for the Trump administration, which must decide how it will handle the legalities of the Clean Power Plan. But given that carbon emissions in this country are trending down, does i...

Op-Ed: Why single-payer health-care could be closer than you think

How chaos surrounding the GOP's health-care plan could bring the U.S. closer to single-payer, says Proteus Duxbury.

Peer Advisory Groups: Superpowers For Leaders

The structure varies, but there are a handful of common themes to ensure the success of peer groups and that are designed to support members in achieving results in business and professional developme...

South Carolina Medical Student Dies in Peru Hiking Accident

University of South Carolina officials say a medical student has died in an apparent hiking accident while on a medical outreach mission trip in Peru.

Prayer-Based Drama ‘A Question of Faith’ Lands at Pure Flix

Silver Lining Entertainment’s prayer-based drama “A Question of Faith” has been acquired by Pure Flix for a theatrical release on Sept. 29. “A Question of Faith” centers...

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